Anchor Point aluminum

45,51 € each


Anchor point AT150 is an anchor device class A conforming to EN 795 and is designed for protection of one person. Anchor point AT150 may be used only as personal protective equipment which protects a user against a fall from a height, and cannot be used for lifting loads. The device is made of aluminium alloy using pressure casting technique. In accordance with EN 795:2012 type A strength of this point is min. 12 kN in any direction. The device is designed for protection of one person. The maximum load that could be transmitted in service from the device to the static construction - 9 kN. This is the actual force which the anchor point transfers onto the structure to which it is attached when a fall occurs. If the device is used as a part of a fall arrest system, the user must be equipped with an element limiting maximum dynamic forces applied on user while arresting a fall to max. 6 kN.

Certified aluminum anchor point for aerial training. This anchor point is recommended for home use.