We have a lot of knowledge and expertise that we want to share with you. We know that sometimes seemingly obvious issues can be confusing. That is why we prepare materials for you and publish them on our blog, so that you have all the basic knowledge in a nutshell.

Technical Tips

Technical Tips

We want you, as our consumers, to be aware of what you buy and why you pay so much for it. The main goal of this section of our blog is to provide you with the most important technical information regarding your equipment and SAFETY.

You can read here about issues such as:

  • strength tests - what are they needed for and what do they give us;
  • what is the safety factor;
  • how we check that our equipment is actually safe;
  • atest - is it really needed?

And about many other key safety issues that each of us should be aware of when working at height.

Training Tips

Training Tips

In this section of our blog you will be able to find training tips of all kinds, tutorials and tips on how to improve your training units.

The notes are written by experienced stage artists and instructors with many years of varied experience. We know it's easy to get stuck in a training loop that becomes ineffective after a while - that's why we've created this section of our blog.

Get inspired, add something to your training, see how our ambassadors work!

Let’s work!

Aerial Tips

Aerial Tips

How to tie a knot on a silk? Which way should the carabiner be hung? How to suspend a hoop? How to choose and tape it?

These issues keep the aspiring adepts of the aerial art awake at night. In this tab of our blog, we have included a short ABC section about the basics of all the basics.

Here, you will find information on:

  • how to choose the hoop size;
  • whether the length of the silk should depend on the height of the person training;
  • how to tape the hoop;
  • how to tie a silk so that it is easy to separate;
  • ...and many others!