Focus on every detail! Successfully practicing aerial arts depends on safe rigging. We provide you with the best swivels, carabiners, spansets and many others. What’s more, we can offer you our best hand loops, as well as colourful cloth tape that will make your hoop unique and your grip stronger. 

Safe training or fun is always based on a professional and properly made suspension. This is definitely a top priority as safety and comfort are always key.

In our store you will find top-class accessories from the best producers in Europe and in the world.

Various types of certified carabiners, swivels allowing you to achieve dizzying speeds or loops that will increase the artistic value and technical level of your choreography.

Browse through the wide range of our accessories:

  • slings;
  • velvet slings;
  • swivels;
  • carabiners.

As well as our accessories that make it easier to function on a daily basis during training and on the go: aerial hoop covers or multi-colored tape for taping the wheel.

55,35 € each Velvet Strop (Round Sling, Span Set)

Velvet Strop (Round Sling, Span Set)

It’s obvious that the span sets used for suspension of your aerial apparatus have to be exceptionally strong and provide maximal safety during the training. However, in certain situations, it’s also important how they look and feel. Many advanced aerial hoop moves are performed over the top bar and require hooking knees, elbows or feet, or inverting on the span set itself. Traditional sling spansets, although safe and sturdy, can be harsh for the skin, especially if you are not yet used to them. You may also look for something that looks pleasing on stage or during a photoshoot. Any solution? Our unique #velvet-coated strap is available in four beautiful colors. A must-have for all over-the-top performers!

Product details:
● internal filling: polyester yarn
● internal covering: polyester tubular jacket
● external covering: velvet
● length: 1 meter (spansets in other lengths available on demand)
● safety factor of 7:1
● working load limit: 2,000 kg
● middle seam connecting velvet covering to the polyester jacket.

Are you looking for a simpler, traditional span set? Check out our #universal spansets!
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36,90 € each Velvet Hand Loop for aerial hoop

Velvet hand loop for aerial hoop

Strong and comfortable hand loop strap will enrichen your aerial hoop routine with absolutely new stunning moves. Thanks to the Aerial Love hand loop you can reach further in your splits, hang in the center of the one-point lyra’s upper bar without tipping over, and spin or orbit with a totally new style. Despite its name, you can hang on it not only with your hand but also with knees, elbows, feet, or even one foot! Hand loops serve well as a prop for strength training and wrist conditioning. When used with lyra, they require switching to an unusual grip, thus working on different muscles.
Our hand loop differs from similar products available on the market. Many of them are produced of fabric typical for aerial straps or have polyester covering used for standard span sets. They tend to be harsh for the skin, and after long usage, they may cause grazes and burns. The hand loops produced by Aerial Love are smooth and delicate, yet strong and non-slippery. Solid polyester yarn and sleeve are covered with velvet fabric and sewn together to prevent sliding.
Aerial Love hand loop straps are both pleasant to the touch and very elegant. You can choose between four fine colors in order to match your outfit, aerial hoop’s taping, or… mood. Shimmering fabric will look marvelous during a stage performance or a photoshoot.
Product details:

● internal filling: polyester yarn
● internal covering: polyester tubular jacket
● external covering: velvet
● length: 50 centimeters
● safety factor of 7:1
● working load limit: 2,000 kg
● middle seam connecting velvet covering to the polyester jacket.

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55,35 € each Aerial Swivel standard

Spinning is an essential part of most aerial performances. It enables the viewers to admire tricks from every angle, adds dynamics and flow even to the simplest movements, and makes those advanced ones genuinely spectacular.

109,47 € each DMM AXIS SWIVEL S

Probably the best swivel for aerial dance use in the world. DMM is the leader of aerial and climbing accessories, so if you are looking for professional swivel for sure you should choose DMM one.

7,38 € each Mueller Tape - aerial hoop tape

Circus props like aerial hoops or trapezes are frequently covered in colorful cloth tape for a better grip and a unique appearance. Taping is also used for protection, as an apparatus becomes less vulnerable to scratches. 

Not sure how to tape your aerial hoop correctly? It's simple!

If you have a single-point hoop, place it on the floor with the handle (point) facing up. Start taping from 5 to 12 o'clock and proceed clockwise. After reaching the handle, go back to the hoop's bottom again and now tape from 7 to 12 o'clock counterclockwise to the point. In the lower part, between 5 and 7 o'clock, a double layer will be created, which will additionally protect the circus wheel in the place where it is most used.

If you want to tape your double-point lyra, start from placing it on the floor with the points facing up so that the center between the handles (points) indicates 12 o'clock. Start taping from 5 o'clock to one of the points clockwise, then go back to the bottom of the wheel and continue sticking your tape from 7 o'clock to the handle counterclockwise. In the end, tape the space between the handles.

Do you prefer to get your apparatus taped?

Just order aerial hoop + 2x tape and write us to tape hoop for you!

28,29 € each Extension sling - daisy chain PRO

Do you need something better than daisy chain?

Contrary to daisy chains used in aerial yoga, our sling is robust and durable and will also work you well for dynamic moves. Its working load is 2 tons with a breaking force of even 20 kN! The extension sling may be attached directly to the rigging point (with a carabiner or a shackle) or connected to a round sling and used in places with very high ceilings.

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123,00 € each Aerial Hoop Bag

Travel with your aerial hoop wherever you want!

The Aerial Hoop Bag is the best solution for tournaments, acrobatic competitions, and art performances!

Available sizes:
● for lyra of 80-95 cm diameter
● for lyra of 100-105 cm diameter

14,76 € each Oval Carabiner

Every aerialist needs a few of them. Carabiners are used to connect the apparatus with rigging point, swivel, or a span set. Among various types available on the market, the oval-shaped are the most popular. They distribute the load evenly and don't take too much heigh away. 

How many carabiners do I need?

It depends. For a one-point aerial hoop, you typically use the following setup: rigging point + carabiner + swivel + carabiner + span set + apparatus. It means you need a minimum of 2 carabiners. Numbers may vary depending on the type of apparatus and preferred combination. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact us.

24,60 € each Steel Big Carabiner

A steel carabiner perfect for aerial yoga and aerial hammock. Its big size and high durability make it possible to attach both hammock knots to it. It is equipped with a screw lock, ensuring safety during exercise and facilitating quick assembly / disassembly.

24,60 € each Figure 8 for Aerial Silks

Standard climbing eight is used for aerial silk training. Product has CE certificate with BLL between 25-35kN.

479,70 € each Pulley System for aerial rig

Set include:

  • 26 m certified polyester rope
  • 3x single rope pulleys
  • 1x double rope pulley
  • 4x carabiners
  • 2x 250 mm stainless cleat and two mounting bolts
45,51 € each Anchor Point aluminum

Certified aluminum anchor point for aerial training. This anchor point is recommended for home use.