Aerial Safety Information

Our equipment has all approvals and meets European and international standards, and this is the only area in which we are accountable.

All our documents you can find here.

FR-SPORTS is not responsible for any damage to physical health (injuries, fractures, sprains, and even death) or mental health (related to problematic rehabilitation period, mental issues after injuries, impairments incurred during falls, etc.) in connection with:

  • improper use of equipment;
  • incorrect assembly (unless it was on our company's side);
  • incorrect security measures during training;
  • inappropriate selection of training material;
  • intentional wrong assembly or deliberate damage to the equipment.

Please remember that aerial training is already in the group of high-risk sports. When you buy and use the equipment, we assume that you are fully aware of it.

Circus equipment should always be properly checked - on our part, this requirement has been checked, because you receive certified equipment.

The equipment should be suspended by authorized parties (e.g. Riggers) and in checked places with appropriate lifting capacity.

The selection of the height and training material should rest with you or your coaches. We always recommend practicing with a crash mat and thoroughly checking the equipment and assembly before the show. We also recommend that minors always train under the watchful eye of an adult guardian.