AERIAL SILKS - aerial silks low and medium stretch - certified aerial silks

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FR-SPORTS silks are 100% made of durable polyester. They are produced in Poland and comply with the PN-EN ISO 13934-1:2013-07 standard. The fabric is pleasant to touch. It withstands dynamic loads up to 150-300 kg and static loads up to 1500 kg, which means that at the same time it can be used by two people with a total weight of 200 kg. Aerial silks WLL is up to safety factor:

  • BLL = min. 1500kg
  • WLL (safety factor 10:1) – 150kg
  • WLL (safety factor 7:1) – 214kg
  • WLL (safety factor 5:1) – 300kg

We offer a wide selection of vivid colors and several possible lengths (also customizable!).

Our aerial silk set include:

Aerial Silk Black6
Aerial Silk Red6
Aerial Silk Turquise6
Aerial Silk White4

Our aerial silks are low (9-14% elasticity), what means the elongation of the silks is about 11%, when you suspend statically 60kg (average weight of user). The extra stretch provides a gentle bounce in drops and enables elongating flexibility-requiring figures and creating stunning shapes. Naturally, the longer you use the silks, the longer and less stretchy they become. This is absolutely normal for all of the fabrics on the market. Many aerialists admit that they like their silks best when they are already in use for some time. 

Examples of elasticity from other suppliers: Unicycle 8-11%, Firetoys 9-14%, Nylon fabrics (4-7%).

Silks from FR-Sports are low-medium stretchy with wide 150 cm (+/- 5 cm), which makes them perfect for cocoon-type and dynamic choreography and looks brilliant in all “sail-type” figures.

Before using, the fabric should be thoroughly checked for any potential tears or cuts. All silks are machine washable (no attached equipment, max 40°C, gentle whirling, no softener) and may be dried on medium/low heat. Store them in a dry place at room temperature, away from sharp objects. With proper use and care, our silks can last up to five years.


When looking for your dream aerial silks’ set, you should consider several options to be sure that a certain set is the best choice for you. Think about color, length, and stretch.

  • Color is usually the first thing you think about when considering your own silks. It is not a surprise, as the artistic value of aerial silks acrobatics depends highly on a blaze of color. You want your tissus to suit the character of the performance, place, and even your outfits to create never-to-be-forgotten pictures. At FR-SPORTS you can choose from 5 stunning colors:

    • black
    • violet
    • sky blue
    • emerald blue
    • dark blue
  • The silks’ length depends on the height of a place where you are going to use them. Double-folded aerial fabrics should always be a bit longer than the length from floor to the ceiling, as part of the fabric will be used for a rescue eight, and you will need a few centimeters extra for wrapping.

    At Aerial Love you can order silks of 11 lengths:

    • 6m (for 2.2-2.5m ceilings)
    • 7m (for 2.5-3m ceilings)
    • 8m (for 3-3.5m ceilings)
    • 9m (for 3.5-4m ceilings)
    • 10m (for 4-4.5m ceilings)
    • 11m (for 4.5-5m ceilings)
    • 12m (for 5-5.5m ceilings)
    • 13m (for 5.5-6m ceilings)
    • 14m (for 6-6.5m ceilings)
    • 15m (for 6.5-7m ceilings)
    • 16m (for 7-7.5m ceilings)
    • 17m (for 7.5-8m ceilings)
    • 18m (for 8-8.5m ceilings)
    • 19m (for 8.5-9m ceilings)
    • 20m (for 9-9.5m ceilings)

    If you wish your silks to be longer, contact us!

  • We offer our standard aerial silks in low-medium stretch variations. However, if you prefer high stretch fabric, we will provide you with a product that meets your expectations! Our standard low-medium stretchy silks have elongation between 9-13%, which is similiar to Firetoys and Unicycle aerial silks.


Finding the perfect aerial silks is a good beginning, but to fully enjoy your flying, and to ensure your safety in every situation you will need a few additional items. We apply our high production standards also to our rigging equipment, crash mats, and further useful accessories, which you can find in our shop.

  • Rigging equipment is available for separate purchase or already included in your set. To safely hang your aerial silks you need:

    1. an Aerial Figure 8 - an accessory necessary for attaching aerial silks to a suspension point. It increases the weight distribution and makes your silks last longer (link) - included in our set
    2. a carabiner (link) - included in our set
    3. a swivel (link), which prevents silks from twisting and potential damage. Spinning adds a matchless artistic value to every aerial silks performance, making it an incomparable experience. Moreover, a swivel is essential during competitions and serves well for photo shootings. Your spectators will love admiring your figures and transitions from every angle.
  • You rely on a crash mat to keep you safe while performing potentially dangerous tricks. You better choose carefully so that you can perform free of any potential troubles. Our mats have you covered!


We care about your safety, therefore we produce high-quality equipment to hang your silks. We are looking forward to assisting you in finding the perfect way for your rigging. When hanging your silks, you generally have the following options:

1. Ceiling anchors and beams

When rigging from your ceiling, the installation depends on the type of ceiling you have. Remember that the ceiling is always a sensitive place and you need to pay great attention to the proper and safe rigging of your aerial silks. The most common types of ceilings and possible solutions include:

  1. full concrete ceilings: suitable for drilling holes and mounting steel anchors (link),
  2. wooden beams: suitable for passing the rope around; when beams are longer and made of good quality wood, it is possible to use wood screws - PLEASE BE CAREFUL DURING ASSEMBLY TO WOOD!
  3. steel beams: suitable for passing the rope around,
  4. dropped ceilings require a hole in it and mounting the aerial silks to the main ceiling;

2. Aerial Rig

The aerial rig is a portable construction that allows you to perform, wherever you want. Take your rig outside for an unforgettable show in the park, or practice in cold winter days inside, without leaving the comfort of your home. Made of durable aluminum pipes, it is a wonderful solution for those seeking a way to train safely without drilling holes in the ceiling (i.e. in a rented apartment) or nature lovers who appreciate outdoor training.


Finding equipment that meets the expectations of your instructors and students is not easy. Do not worry! We will guide you through the process and help you to make the best decisions!

If your order is huge better check our WHOLESALE OFFER.

86,10 € each Aerial Silk Choose options