Mueller Tape - aerial hoop tape

7,38 € each
Tape color


Tapes sold by FR-SPORTS are produced by Mueller - an international corporation providing sports medicine solutions to athletes worldwide. These particular kinesiology tapes proved to be just great for aerial use, cause they are nonslippery and not harsh for the skin. Wide enough (3.8 cm), they react well for friction and don't get too sticky over time. You may choose from nine intense colors: - red - dark green - golden yellow - black - dark blue - gray - orange - violet - white. One roll is 9.1 meters long. For a standard aerial hoop, you will need 1.5 - 2 pieces.

Circus props like aerial hoops or trapezes are frequently covered in colorful cloth tape for a better grip and a unique appearance. Taping is also used for protection, as an apparatus becomes less vulnerable to scratches. 

Not sure how to tape your aerial hoop correctly? It's simple!

If you have a single-point hoop, place it on the floor with the handle (point) facing up. Start taping from 5 to 12 o'clock and proceed clockwise. After reaching the handle, go back to the hoop's bottom again and now tape from 7 to 12 o'clock counterclockwise to the point. In the lower part, between 5 and 7 o'clock, a double layer will be created, which will additionally protect the circus wheel in the place where it is most used.

If you want to tape your double-point lyra, start from placing it on the floor with the points facing up so that the center between the handles (points) indicates 12 o'clock. Start taping from 5 o'clock to one of the points clockwise, then go back to the bottom of the wheel and continue sticking your tape from 7 o'clock to the handle counterclockwise. In the end, tape the space between the handles.

Do you prefer to get your apparatus taped?

Just order aerial hoop + 2x tape and write us to tape hoop for you!