Velvet Hand Loop for aerial hoop

36,90 € each
Velvet color

Velvet hand loop for aerial hoop

Strong and comfortable hand loop strap will enrichen your aerial hoop routine with absolutely new stunning moves. Thanks to the Aerial Love hand loop you can reach further in your splits, hang in the center of the one-point lyra’s upper bar without tipping over, and spin or orbit with a totally new style. Despite its name, you can hang on it not only with your hand but also with knees, elbows, feet, or even one foot! Hand loops serve well as a prop for strength training and wrist conditioning. When used with lyra, they require switching to an unusual grip, thus working on different muscles.
Our hand loop differs from similar products available on the market. Many of them are produced of fabric typical for aerial straps or have polyester covering used for standard span sets. They tend to be harsh for the skin, and after long usage, they may cause grazes and burns. The hand loops produced by Aerial Love are smooth and delicate, yet strong and non-slippery. Solid polyester yarn and sleeve are covered with velvet fabric and sewn together to prevent sliding.
Aerial Love hand loop straps are both pleasant to the touch and very elegant. You can choose between four fine colors in order to match your outfit, aerial hoop’s taping, or… mood. Shimmering fabric will look marvelous during a stage performance or a photoshoot.
Product details:

● internal filling: polyester yarn
● internal covering: polyester tubular jacket
● external covering: velvet
● length: 50 centimeters
● safety factor of 7:1
● working load limit: 2,000 kg
● middle seam connecting velvet covering to the polyester jacket.

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