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Pole Dance Outfit - How to Choose?

Pole dance workouts are currently one of the most popular forms of activity. Both women and men love it for its amazing effects – pole dancing strengthens all muscle groups, beautifully shapes the figure, aids in fat loss, increases body awareness, teaches grace, and motivates to face new challenges. However, it's important to remember that not only a pole dance pole is necessary for such training. You should also take care of magnesium grip or pole dance gloves, and most importantly, a comfortable, suitable pole dance outfit.

Choosing the right clothing will ensure comfort during exercises and prevent unpleasant abrasions. You'll also be assured that your body is adequately protected and prepared to perform various acrobatics without worrying about appearance. However, we recommend considering not only the design but also the quality. A pole dance outfit should be durable and suitable for intense activity. It should not pinch, scratch, or stretch out. Importantly, these qualities must apply to both training and performance pole dance clothing. You can find a wide selection of professional and comfortable outfits in the Flying Rose collection.

What should a pole dance outfit consist of?

The basis of a pole dance outfit should be a pole dance top or sports bra. It's important that this element is tight-fitting and well-suited to the body shape. Its job is to support the bust during figures, which can vary greatly, such as upside-down poses. This means that an improperly chosen top could lead to embarrassing slips.

A pole dance costume should also include short, comfortable pole dance shorts. Seamless ones that fit the figure are especially recommended. Optionally, you can choose long pants, but remember that such models reduce grip. Performing figures is easier when pole dance clothes expose more skin.

For training, you can also bring a sports jacket. Shoes are not required as exercises are performed barefoot. An exception to this rule is Exotic, a type of pole dance performed with high heels (often colloquially referred to as "pleasers").

Pole Dance Clothing for Performances

It's worth noting that a pole dance outfit for training looks somewhat different from performance wear. Preparing for a performance or photo session, you might choose less typical garments that fit the concept of the show. Pole dance sets, which highlight the beauty of the female body through subtle cuts or scant designs, are very popular. However, there are no rules to adhere to. The choice of pole dance outfit for a performance depends solely on your imagination. A regular sports top will also do well, as long as you feel your best in it.

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