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1-Point Aerial Hoop - Aerial Lyra with Certification

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Aerial hoops, also known as aerial lyra, are sports equipment for acrobatic classes.

If you're outfitting a school or interested in a wholesale order - call and negotiate a special discount at 690-953-027.

The diameters of the hoops refer to the external diameter of the hoop, with the internal diameter being about 5 cm less.

THE ONLY CERTIFIED AERIAL HOOPS IN POLAND AND EUROPE - Our hoops come with a certificate from the independent German research unit TUV Nord, providing you with a guarantee of the highest quality and safety.


The Aerial Hoop, also known as Aerial Lyra, is an apparatus used by acrobats for aerial exercises. With diameters (external) ranging from 80 to 105 cm, adjustable in 5 cm increments (custom dimensions can be crafted upon request), our Aerial Hoops are produced in Poland from steel tubing of either 27mm diameter (with custom diameters available on special request). Each hoop is powder-coated for improved grip, protection, and a more appealing look.

Choosing the right Aerial Hoop diameter:
We offer Aerial Hoops with external diameters of 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, and 105 cm. The hoop should be selected based on your height. We recommend choosing the hoop diameter by either:

  •  Measuring from the top of the hip bone to the foot while standing + 5 cm, or
  • Sitting on a chair or against a wall, measuring from the seating point to the top of the head and adding 12-15 cm.

Tube Diameter:

Our Aerial Hoops are made from a 27mm steel tube (with custom diameters available on special orders). This size is based on ergonomic research, providing a better grip but may be less comfortable for lower body and lumbar exercises. A larger tube diameter might offer less grip strength but could be more comfortable for some users. In Poland, the 27mm diameter is the most common, while abroad, Aerial Hoops are made from tubes ranging from 24 to 34 mm in diameter.

Handle Quantity:

Our standard and most recommended 1 POINT Aerial Hoops. We also make 0 POINT hoops (hung directly on the rigging) and 2 POINTS hoops with two welded handles spaced at 60°. It's worth noting that exercises on hoops with one or two handles differ significantly. Though theoretically, hoops with two handles might seem easier for beginners, this is subjective.

Competition Aerial Hoops:

In competitions, 95% of hoops used have one handle. The exception is competitions organized by IPSF, where hoops with two handles are used.


Hoop Taping:

We usually paint hoops black. However, hoops are typically wrapped in a special tape called Prodigy Snake for better grip and adherence. You can order this tape from our store.

Aerial Hoop Weight:

Our hoops weigh between 4-6 kg depending on the hoop's diameter and the type and quantity of handles used. These weights comply with IPSF requirements.

Aerial Hoop Handle Shape:

The shape of our welded hoop handles maximizes comfort and facilitates exercises on the upper rim. The handle design is minimal and perfectly contoured to prevent injury during exercises.

Additional Equipment:

To mount the Aerial Hoop, you'll need:

  • Carabiners (the quantity depends on additional equipment and hanging method)
  •  A sling or extension strap, we recommend our universal straps with a 2-ton capacity, allowing for various height adjustments with a 20 cm increment; our straps are produced and tested in Poland
  •  A swivel, to prevent the rope or strap from twisting during exercises; a must-have for professional competition preparation (remember, if you add a swivel, you'll need an additional carabiner)
  •  A ceiling mount, the type of ceiling you have is crucial for selecting the right mount - CEILING MOUNT WITH CERTIFICATE
  •  Mueller taping for wrapping the aerial hoop, if you're unsure how to tape, read the product description or simply contact us - AERIAL HOOP TAPING

Hanging the Aerial Hoop:

The mounting type depends on your ceiling. Normally, for a hoop with one handle, the order starting from the ceiling is as follows:

  • Ceiling mount
  • Carabiner (possibly carabiner-swivel-carabiner)
  • Sling or mounting strap
  • Carabiner (alternatively, the sling or strap can be threaded through the hoop "tie-style" without using a carabiner)
  • Aerial Hoop from Flying Rose Sport

Ceiling Types:

The choice of mount and mounting method is conditioned by the type of ceiling you have. Remember, the ceiling is always the most sensitive part, and great care must be taken for a proper and safe aerial hoop installation. Standard ceiling types include:

  • Solid concrete ceiling, suitable for drilling holes and mounting with steel or chemical anchors
  • Wooden beams, if short, suitable for threading slings; for longer beams made of good quality wood, mounting with wood screws is recommended
  • Steel beams, suitable for threading slings through
  • Suspended ceiling, you'll need to make a hole and mount the aerial hoop to the proper ceiling

If you have a different type of ceiling, we recommend contacting us via email.

Aerial Hoop Hanging Height:

In aerial acrobatics schools, the hoop should be at the chin height of the students. Ideally, hoops are hung on ropes and climbing pulleys allowing for adjustable aerial hoop hanging heights. For professional competition preparation, the hoop should be within arm's reach overhead, allowing you to grab it by reaching up. This hanging height is preferred in all competitions.

Appropriate Space for Aerial Hoop Exercises:

You often ask how many hoops will fit in your room or if you'll fit at home. In our opinion, the optimal space for aerial hoop training is a circle with a 1.7m radius (1.5m is also acceptable). Such space will be ideal for aerial hoop exercises.

Our aerial hoops are made locally.

5-year warranty on the construction!

For any questions, feel free to contact us.


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